Our Carpet Sanitisation and Deodoriser service is the perfect solution to eliminate the stubborn pet odours and stains that are left behind as the result of the deep penetration of pet urination. Pet stains typically absorb well beyond carpet fibres, into the material located under carpeting. Urine odours are extremely stubborn—permeating from floor surfaces, including carpet, wood and even concrete. When urine dries the odour will often become even more pungent, creating a long-term problem. Due to the unique concerns associated with pet stains and odours, carpet dry cleaning alone is not enough to resolve the problem and our Carpet Sanitisation & Deodoriser service is recommended.


Yes, Carpet Sanitisation & Deodoriser is a post Dry Cleaning service that is performed on carpet to combat bad odours from cigarette smoke, pet urine, vomite and the like.
The sanitiser settles deep into the carpet lasting up to 12 months or until your next deep clean.
Yes, you can choose between odourless, apple, lavender and vanilla.

Our Pricing

Service Price
1 Room $12.00
2 Rooms $24.00
3 Rooms $36.00
4 Rooms $48.00
5 Rooms $60.00

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