The customer has been advised of the risks involved within the confines of a household/building with regards to safety and technician/technician’s operating carpet cleaning equipment and accessories in their home. The customer has been informed and will adhere to the following safety procedures set out by Healthy Living CDC.
• The customer has been informed and is aware to keep themselves and their family members away from any machinery, cords, buckets mops or accessorises that may be in operation at the time of cleaning.
• The customer has been informed chemical vapours may affect the respiratory system and if they are feeling any adverse effects from the cleaning that is taking place, to vacate the room. Asthma and allergies suffers have been warned of hazards.
• The customer has been advised to take caution during and after the clean has been completed, walking on wet/slippery surfaces hard floors, carpets and tiled areas.

Prices are subject to a maximum room size of 13 square meters. Steps are quoted as “per stair”. Prices are subject to the condition of carpet upon pre-inspection, heavily stained carpets will incur a surcharge.

Healthy Living CDC cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed upon cleaning. Stains derived from caustics, acids, permanent dyes may create permanent stains that cannot be removed. Healthy Living CDC cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon first initial pre inspection. These conditions may include or not be limited to the following:
• Fugitive dyes not properly set in manufacture or re-dyeing;
• Capet that has been over-stretched during laying or carpet that is suffering from de-lamination;
• Carpet that has suffered from exposure to the sun, making it brittle and fragile (sun damaged carpet);
• Lounge suites that have water or solvent soluble coloured backing material; or
• Markers used on carpet or fabric backing or padding.
Healthy Living CDC will only warrant claims with respect to workmanship of the services provided if the claim is made within the first seven days from when the carpet was cleaned. In the event of a customer complaint the customer must give Healthy Living CDC the opportunity to rectify all work.

Healthy living CDC cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen adverse conditions in relation to the cleaning of the tiles and grout. This includes but is not limited to the following:
• Loose, scratched or chipped tiles.
• Loose or cracked grout or missing grout.
• UV damage or fading
• Any permanent stains on either tiles or grout.

Healthy living CDC will not be held responsible for any unforseen adverse conditions relating to de-lamination, dye movement, nor ultra violet light (UV) damage that may occur in the relation to carrying out cleaning out the service on fabric / material, even if the apparent UV damage is not visible nor ascertainable at time of providing service.
The customer is aware and acknowledges that subject to certain fabrics and materials, shrinkage may occur up to 3.5% of the total surface area, and no responsibility will be accepted by Healthy Living CDC.

All payments must be made upon completion of services by Healthy Living CDC. Failure to pay will cause Healthy Living CDC tol engage the services of a debit collection company and may result in legal action. All accounts must be paid within a 14 day period.

Last Updated 17th November 2014.